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About Us

Dr. Scott Powell, CEO of Beleza MedSpa

Doctor Scott Powell is a graduate of UTMB medical school.  He did a five-year surgical residency at the University of Florida, and is a board certified general surgeon.  He has practiced in Texas since 2003, and since 2011 has specialized in the treatment of venous disorders.  Dr. Powell has been working in the Aesthetics field for more that 5 yrs.


Nancy Martínez MA


Medical Aesthetician and certified injector of our offices. Nancy got her certifications as a professional injector and Laser senior tech from the Texas Laser Institute . Nancy has been working for our sister company Texas Vein Experts for about 6 years along side Doctor Powell. Together they have worked and treated more than 6,000 patients between the aesthetics and the medical practices. Nancy's drive in the aesthetics world  is to make every woman and man reach their beauty potential. "People are already beautiful the way they are,  but I can always make them more beautiful". Nancy has been injecting for 4 years under the supervision of her mentor Dr. Powell and believes that to become an artist you must practice every day.

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